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About this website
My name is Glyn Powell-Evans, I have a number of passions including my family, restoring our Manor House, new technology, gardens, early electric cars, Magic Lanterns and of course photography. I live near Guildford in Surrey, England.
Professionally I have been an innovator, inventor and entrepreneur for more than 50 years but for this website I am a photographer. In October 2018  I was awarded an ARPS Distinction by the Royal Photographic Society. The RPS is the oldest national photographic society in the world and only about 2000 people currently hold an ARPS.
When I am out on the street I become a Chimping Tog with a Nifty 50! In English this means: 
Chimping:  check my shots on the back of the camera frequently
Tog: phoTOGrather
Nifty 50: my favourite lens is a fast f 1.4 50mm
I try to remain vigilant with Free Floating attention: my mind drifts around my environment seeking opportunities
I strive to create my Photos in the camera with adjustment generally limited to cropping and tonal balance. Most of my photos are about light and patience and I try to follow the Arts and Crafts ethos of simplicity with truth. I like to think of myself as a Realist.
Most of my Photographs are available for sale, see the Buying My Photos page. All Proceeds are used to maintain Great Tangley Manor, my most costly passion! See
Please contact me at or complete the form below.
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