My photo essay of Brighton “A Love Letter to Brighton” is now available as a beautiful hardcover book or as an eBook download​​​​​​​
Oh! I do like to be beside the seaside 
But what does this mean for people of widely different backgrounds, ethnicity, cultures or age? I started this project to simply document life at the seaside but it turned more into a narrative about enjoyment and diversity. As a Street Photographer my objective is to capture the decisive moment without being observed, from the impromptu Parkour artist stealing the musicians thunder to the ladies on the beach with their packs of cider, the traditional lovers and sunbathers but also those simply enjoying exercise. Just promenading upon the Prom, Prom, Prom! may still demand religious attire for some but snoozing on the pier can be a stolen delight.
Two important things about the book:
All proceeds/profits from the sale of the books will go to a small but effective Guilford based charity supporting cancer research, Topic of Cancer  see: https://www.topicofcancer.org.uk/
Each book purchased (Hardback or eBook) entitles the buyer to a free A4 Fine Art print worth £55! Just drop me an email after purchase and I will hand print a photo for you.
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